I had such an awesome time partying with Jarryd and his lovely guests for his big 30th celebration at the Oxford hotel, Leederville.

From the moment I set foot inside the room, I knew we were meant to be together! (and I knew what he meant when he said "I HAVE TO HAVE YOUR PHOTOBOOTH")

Thanks to the talents of Perth event planners/stylists Owl and Bear, Jarryd had an incredible set up with festoon lights strung above the beautiful handmade wooden lounge and table block sets - it matched our photo booth perfectly (or we matched them?). The overall effect was seamless event styling!

Because the venue had an amazing industrial/rustic exposed brick interiors, we decided it would look awesome as a backdrop, so we set up against the wall and away we went! If your venue has cool walls, you should consider using them as the backdrop for your photos. It not only gives a cleaner look to the set up, but gives the photos a sense of context and individuality.

Jarryd had sent us the invitations he had created which we transformed into prints for the photo booth...Eat, Drink and be Thirty! The instructions were well and truly taken on board by his guests and there was lots of eating, mostly drinking, and a helluva lot of being a big ol' thirty!

Thanks for having me Jarryd, can't wait till the next time we meet again (when you do my hair/next photo booth party- which ever comes first!)

x Monica